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Girls' High School

See what difference your contribution can make

Think of the ripple effect of these girls attending High School, paving the way for their siblings and even more success in the future, Insha'Allah.


The school has grown steadily since those first days in 2011.

Alhamdulilah, between our two campuses we have more than 300 children!

The girls' high school is flourishing and the boys’ high school is completing its first year, with six boys in our premier class and six more to join them in the new term.  We’re hoping to rent five more rooms, under construction, next to our campus. Of course, our rent will increase so funding is needed and we’re counting on you!

Sitara has library and computer lab that are the envy of all the neighborhood schools. We use some of the best textbooks available in the country and enrich the curriculum with art, physical education and field trips. The integrated Islamic model developed by Muslim schools in the West is alive and well in Chatha Bakhtawar and the children are thriving! 


More and more young women are enrolling in Sitara Girls’ High School and College as our reputation continues to grow. We have added class 11 and 12 so that our girls can finish their college education with us.  Educational options for girls are still very limited for families without means.

Our Science and Computer labs draw many students from the business class community to us. This year the senior section students completed a course in coding. They are also well versed in all presentation software and spreadsheets; skills that will give them an edge their further education and careers. 

Our True Stories


Lal Meena's Story

Today I want to tell the story of one of my “Lost Girls”.


Kenza's Story

This is a story of our brave student Kenza from Kashmir, loss of her father and her struggles.


Gulshan's Story

Gulshan is the girl I see the most during the lock downs.

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