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How to Donate

Through the Eyes of a ChildI will never forget my eldest daughter’s college essay. I don’t remember the question, but her answer rings in my mind, clear as a bell, even twenty years later. “I used to think being poor meant going to bed without dessert,” she wrote, “Until I went to Bangladesh”. My children were five and three years old when we saw poverty up close. I remember how the people mobbed our car upon leaving the airport. She was frightened by the hands beating on the car, trying to reach inside the windows which were cracked open to combat the heat. Her younger brother consoled her, “Ta, don’t be afraid, just say Bismillah.” I remember this clear as day.Those were the days before social media, before the mass campaigns and fund- raising appeals online, especially in Ramadan. Now our FB feeds are bombarded with dramatic footage of malnourished children held listlessly in their mothers’ arms while her eyes beg us for help. We cannot forget these scenes, even if we want to. Can you reach them all? No. But there is a way to extend your reach by joining hands with friends and neighbors across the world. Several Ways to




Donate online from anywhere in the world with a credit or debit card. Sitara Trust usually has ongoing campaigns posted at is a safe online option. The organization recently won a prestigious award for ethical fund-raising and they have helped countless humanitarian causes in the past ten years.  Register using your card on their website and donate with just one click.


                                      OUR 2024 LAUNCH GOOD CAMPAIGN



se Quick Pay from any US bank to the Sitara Chase account. Simply add us to your transfer list via email at  Or, send a donation check to Sitara Institute, P.O. Box 871023, Canton, MI 48187.

Domestic (US) transfers should list our account #779203392 and routing #072000326. ACH transfers use 021000021



International transfers go directly to our Sitara Institute account at Chase Bank, USA. Acct # 779203392. Swift Code: CHASEUS33.



In Pakistan, donations can be made by cash, check or electronic transfer to Sitara School and Teachers Training Institute (Trust) Regd. The account # for local online donations: 2460100004192, Askari Bank Limited, Taramrri Chowk, Lehtrar Road, Islamabad. (If you are required to put in 14 digits, then add a “0” before 246.). Any questions? Please contact Sommieh Flower at Institute is a registered 501 (C)(3 )non-profit charity registered in the State of MichiganTax I.D. #27-4593974.


Donation Information


At Work


Wali Khan


In School

Ubaid Khan, 6 years old Afghan Refugee boy, works everyday in the street to earn living for himself and his family. But your donations have made it possible for him and hundreds of other children like him, to attend Sitara school and get their education.
Wali Khan is one of many other children from Afghan Refugee Community who are getting free education at Sitara School.

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