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  • Kiran Javed

" I am but a speck of dust in this vast universe "

"I am but a speck of dust in this vast universe. But I am a star among stars such as you"!!!This is a thought that comes to my mind every time I step in Sitara School, which literally means "Star" and the thought transforms to reality when one sees those tiny humans inside the gated school, smiling in their uniforms, shining like stars. I am just a volunteer photographer who fell in love with the school, the children and the team behind it. As a photographer all I look for is eye catching moments or scenery. I was suppose to do some staff pictures and we decided to use "Sitara College for Boys" building, which is still under construction for some portraits. I could not think of a better backdrop than the unfinished window, which truly resonates with my subjects, as their window of hope. Besides that, Sitara School children also participated in community service by planting in the neighborhood area and cleaning up the trash. School puts a huge emphasis on "contributing back" in the society, giving back to the community and heaven knows, we need that so so badly in Pakistan. Some of the pictures!!!

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